Event Horizon

Shane is a local musician I met while attending UWT. We both studied Spanish and studied abroad in Alicante, Spain in 2015.

Shane knew that he wanted a dark and moody photoshoot to represent his music brand, Event Horizon, so we waited till just after sunset and played around with low light photography. We're both ridiculously happy with what came of it. 

Shane is a smart, creative, talented, and fun guy whom I'm happy to know. Keep on being awesome, Shane!  Check out his amazing music!

#10 is my favorite. 


Jenny grew up in the shadow of Mt. Hood in Sandy, Oregon. Spent her childhood hiking, camping and horseback riding. Found photography in high school and never looked back. Spent some time as a mechanic in the Army, some time in college studying geology, photography and graphic design. She is currently living in the shadow of Mt. Rainier near Tacoma, Washington. She's married and has 2 wittle monster boys, a dog, her Jeep and her camera. Life is good.